New Bomb USB Stereo Speakers Gadgets

bomb computer speakers design

This is one Bomb we should not be alarmed about, for instead we should be interested in the Bomb USB Stereo Speakers that as you can see come in a wide range of colors, six of them to pick from, more than enough to color co-ordinate I am sure!

bomb design computer speakers

The Bomb USB stereo speakers have a 3.5 mm input jack and are provided with an extra USB expansion slot, so they can connect to any USB devices and portable media devices and function easily. Since they have a USB connection, these speakers can be powered via the USB or with 3 AAA batteries. The Bomb is the perfect sound system which can play on the go where ever you are or can be set up around where you decide to camp for the day.

usb computer speakers bomb

Several happy users of this product are already recommending it to others. It does not look like something to think twice about to decide, and even if you cannot color co-ordinate to suit your needs, these set of  USB stereo computer speakers are extremely tempting and would have people buying them at any cost, though you would have to just pay $39.99 for them at Ifrogz. If you are looking for cute and small desktop speakers then you should also take a look at these USB Desk Lamp and Speakers.

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