Push Gmail Available for iPhone and Windows Mobile Officially

push gmail for iphone

Google has just announced the wonderful news that Push Gmail is now officially available for the iPhone, iPod Touch or your Windows Mobile Device through Google and the use of Google Sync.

In case you want to know when an email arrives and not have to go checking up on new emails and messages, then Gmail Push is a great solution for the many Gmail users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and Windows Mobile operated smartphones.

As Google just mentioned, starting now, Google Sync will work with Gmail as Push Email with the devices mentioned, so you can have your new emails pushed directly to your iPhone (and other cellphones) as soon as they arrive. They also mentioned that Push Gmail can be used alone for the email feature only, or as Google Sync completely for sync of contacts and calendar as well.

If you are an iPhone user, then you must be using iPhone OS 3.0 or above and may go to Google Sync to set up the Push Gmail.

Note: Using Push Gmail normally pushes new mails to your iPhone within seconds, but it usually utilizes more battery power, so regular usage may vary than normally.

Via: GmailBlog