Microsoft Courier Tablet PC has Dual Screens

microsoft courier tablet pc

Microsoft has unveiled some images and short video (see below) about the upcoming Microsoft Courier Tablet PC, which looks great at first sight, but with no actual specs…don’t fall in love just yet.

So many have been waiting, hoping and wishing that Apple will show and bring out some form of an Apple Tablet, but I guess Microsoft has beat them to the punch with the new and good looking Microsoft Courier Tablet, which immediately takes our breathe away with dual 7″ screens.

microsoft courier tablet pc dual screen

Having dual screens actually changes this Microsoft Tablet into a Booklet, even more fun for the masses. Based on its looks and videos, it is multi-touch and is supposed to be used with a stylus for writing and drawing. Right in the middle hinge is a “Home” Button, and on the side rims there is a display of Battery Life and Wireless singals.

An amazing addition that gives a little extra fun is the camera on the back cover, creating a practical tablet that gives a little more.

It has been rumored that it is in final actual design stages and getting really close to “late prototype”. Sounds exciting!

Check out more details and images at Gizmodo, who have shared such exciting news with the rest of us.