Retro Gaming Characters on Toast Look Cute!

retro video game characters toast

Food and an excellent gaming console with the right peripherals is all that obsessive gamers need, and if food too gets dressed in the gaming attire, there is nothing more you can ask for. Retro Arcade gaming starts like Pacman and Space Invaders can now be put on your crispy toast breads with this toaster mod. Starting your day with a cup of coffee and these cute breads will showcase that you are a gamer of substance!

This toaster mod calls for an aluminum sheet, stainless steel and a regular toaster. A detailed DIY instruction set will help you create this one with the necessary safety tips and suggestions.

cool space invaders toast

The Aluminum templates are put inside the toaster prongs which put the white shadow of the shape on the bread’s brown surface. 5Volt has tried his hand at Space Invaders and Pacman which are relatively spaced out and neat designs. He suggests not to use intricate shapes for they’ll only bring disappointment.

cool pacman toast

It can be used to surprise guests during breakfast and let them know that you take gaming very seriously than anybody else does. If you like such concoctions of food and games, do check out geeky Pacman cup cakes and Video Game Logo cupcakes which is a delight for people with a sweet tooth.