Jim Morrison Bobble Head Collectible

cool jim morrison bobble head toy

Die-hard fans of Jim Morrison may dislike to see this Jim Morrison Lizard King Bobble Head, for not many like to see legends being made into toys, but it is the very fact that legends touch lives of everyone from young to old that we see their names, faces and personalities being made into toys, posters or even video games.

Jim Morrison is one of the greatest rock legends who died at an early age of 27, but in his short life he experienced all extreme emotions and peaks of creativity.

The Lizard King is one of his alters which he loved; His most creative and philosophical work The Doors allures to opening doors of perception and experiencing infinity. Because of his inclinations towards philosophy, religion and mythology he connected to many imagined alters, and this Jim Morrison Bobble Head which shows him performing as the Lizard King will bring him, his stories and music alive and rund for only $10.99.

Many parents may just get this one home to pay tribute to his crazy life and talent, and generation next must know these extraordinary people. If you are not a great fan of Jim Morrison, you could check out the Bob Marley Bobble Head instead. If you are not the musical types, do check out the South Park Bobble Heads that talk incessantly.