Kubrick Rubik’s Cube is an Interesting Ode to Enigmatic Filmmaker

new stanley kubrick rubik's cube

Very few filmmakers have explored the dark side of life like Stanley Kubrick has through films exploring wide range of emotions and themes like wars, violence, pessimism and sexuality using true creative visual expressions. This special Kubrick Cube is a Rubik’s cube puzzle toy designed by quartertofour with film shot imprints in six different colors seems to be right kind of ode to the enigmatic and fearless director.

Just like the Rubik’s cube, Stanley Kubrick’s movies are puzzling, difficult to decipher and each movie makes it clear that there are no easy solutions to human miseries on this planet. Human life on earth is as difficult a puzzle to solve as Rubik’s cube is for an impatient soul and human beings lack patience and motivation to arrive at any solution.

Stanley Kubrick fans will love this design concept and they will definitely find hidden hints through film images to arrive at a solution. For solely Rubik cube fans this innovative makeover of their favorite game may inspire them to watch his awesome award winning movies like Paths to Glory, Clockwork Orange, Lolita, 2001: A Space Odyssey etc.

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