Pacman Shoes are Incredibly Cool

They say that you can tell a gentleman by the shoes he wears, but with these cool Pacman shoes, you can most definitely tell a geek from a mile away. Having said this, I must add that these shoes are definitely cool, and anyone who says they aren’t just doesn’t get how perfect they are.

cool pacman shoes

Whether you were a Pacman addict, or you’ve never played the game (if you haven’t, then shame on you!), I bet you still think that the shoes look amazing. The ghost maze has always been fascinating, and they are doubly so on these shoes. The best part in this design by Matthew Bowman is that the pattern on the shoes is not overwhelming, as a result I’m sure guys and girls alike will be proud to wear them. The only thing that is missing from these Pacman shoes is…well…Pacman itself. There is a little smiley face on the tongue that could pass off as the yellow guy though.

Now, here is an idea for you. You could pair your cool new Pacman shoes with the Pacman hoodie sweatshirt and while sitting on your Pacman chair, play poker with your Pacman poker chips with all your friends. I hope that shows that there is a plethora of Pacman accessories and designs that are a fit for everyone. 


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