Sackboy Bento: Little Big Planet Lunchbox

new sackboy bento lunchbox

PS3 Fans will be extremely excited to klnow that the lovable Sackboy character has a new costume that is actual food, and is making a recent return as a great Bento Lunchbox.

The Little Big Planet character, Sackboy, has never been as tasty as he is in this version. As with her previous creations, AnnaTheRed continues to create wonderful food artwork or Bento lunchboxes that brings some cool characters to life, such as Where The Wild Things Are Bento, Wall-E Bento and even the Wall-E Sandwich Art.

All three of those, including the cool Sackboy creation make food fit into a Geek’s refrigerator and probably never see the light of day again.

new sackboy bento costume

In case you wanted to make one by yourself, this particular Sackboy Bento uses the following ingredients:

– inari-zushi
– rice
– seaweed, kamaboko, mayonnaise, somen

– broccoli stem, carrot

– daikon (Asian radish)

– cheese

– kamaboko (fish cake)

Other food:
– lettuce
– pork
– lettuce
– rice mixed with black sesame seed
– snowpeas

Via: PS3Maven