Flaunt Your Geeky Side with the Lego Brick Construction Shirt!

lego speed racer shirt

We have tried all sorts of things with our tees: spray-painting, sticking anything and everything and even embedding lights, and the reason being its one of the most visible parts of our attire and defines one’s fashion statement. The Lego Brick Construction Shirt is yet another cool addition to a line of geekiest apparels ever. The name sounds a little heavy to me, as if it’s suggesting the making of one of tallest skyscrapers in the world.

Anyway, the Lego shirt has a baseplate on the front which lets you write messages, create figures, attach Lego minifigs and everything you can imagine. Just make sure you’d be using either LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks or K’NEX Bricks while making this one. Do not get over-whelmed and put all the bricks to use for the shirt might get bulky leading to droopy front collar and of course, make your cool quotient suffer.

lego star wars tauntaun shirt

The cool examples here show a cool Lego Speed Racer, a Star Wars Tauntaun lego t shirt, and a few others for extra presentation. Seems like the ability is limitless…only you and your Lego bricks.

The makers provide the shirt with a baseplate alone so you go to make arrangements for things to attach on it.  The best part is the baseplate can be removed for ease of washing, so you don’t have to wear smelly ones to put up with your geeky image. Lol… I am kiddng! It’s available on the retail shelves of ThinkGeek.com for a price of only $18.

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