Batman Wallet Turns Out To Be a Thug-Proof Cassette Tape

Batman Wallet Turns Out To Be Thug-Proof1

Once upon a time there lived a Batman Comic book, lying on the desk almost forgotten by it’s owner, also there lived an old but tough Cassette Tape which was also abandoned by it’s owner, they both led a very boring life and were really frustrated over their mundane lives. One fine day they both coincidentally made a wish, the both wanted to return to their glorious days and POOF!, the wish fairy granted them their wish.

Maximilian found some free time one morning and he decided to do something creative, for he realized that he had almost abandoned many of his old school stuff and the fact that they just lay waste made him regret his acts. With a little touch of the fairy, the usually dumb human fell upon a wonderful idea, a wallet that could be made from the Batman comic and the old Cassette Tape.

Batman Wallet Turns Out To Be Thug-Proof2

The owner worked is sweat off and finally finished his small Batman project, the wallet turned out to be extremely awesome and both the cassette tape and the comic returned to their glorious days. The Cassette tape and the Batman comic were overjoyed and immediately put off their plan to blow up the Earth, and since then are serving their owner from thugs who obviously get fooled at the site of such a weird Cassette wallet and confuse it with any ordinary cassette tape, such is the power of love and trust.