Proactive Sleep Alarm on Your iPhone

The proactive alarm clock for your iPhone is designed with today’s average person in mind, most of whom do not get a good nights sleep, and most people today have various sleep related problems, so the proactive sleep alarm aims at minimizing these problems to ensure a good nights sleep and to make you feel fresher through the day.

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The Proactive Sleep alarm combats insomnia by various methods such as soothing music that could make you fall asleep. In addition, the sleep diary maintains all statistics relating to your sleep time, periods, etc. everyday and helps analyze patterns and need of the body like the Sleeptracker Watch does both for men and women.

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Sleep inertia refers to the inability to wake up suddenly, and the proactive sleep alarm uses various techniques such as preferred music/song for alarm and stimulating games that can increase the brain activity in the morning. This would make it easier and faster to wake up and also make you feel fresher through the day.

This software developed by Daniel Gartenberg and Justin Beck is well researched and has won several commendations and awards and will definitely help more people sleep at peace, thereby ensuring a longer and healthier life.

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