Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher Prototype for Modern Eco-friendly Geek Homes

automatic can crusher

Being eco-friendly is in vogue and every geek takes a green pledge these days to recycle waste and save the environment for future generation, but modern life itself produces much trash which is not bio-degradable and hence difficult to recycle at home.  The Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher will be a boon for green geek souls who think twice before buying and enjoying canned food. This will not recycle cans entirely but at least one can take a small step and ensure used cans are crushed and it also saves space in the recycle container.

This Automatic Can Crusher is still a prototype design by Doug Wehrly but is an excellent concept and project will surely find funding for manufacturing more units and it should be available in markets soon.  There are industrial units for crushing used cans but there has never been one for households and interesting part is it ca work on battery and requires less power too. So idea is totally green and trendy and it would be really fun to crush cans after a big party at home and reduce volume of trash.

To watch a preliminary prototype in action, check his video below or you can also find the actual product for sale for $49.50.

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