Google Gmail Soap Bar

google gmail soap bar

I have no idea where this came from, but it seems that Google may be branching out to other areas and like to make sure their employees wash their hands with their own branded products, such as the Gmail Soap Bar.

The Google Gmail Soap Bar is probably not an official release from Google, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit into the cool Google products that we run across from time to time.

A long time ago, we saw a cool Google Wireless Mouse that was branded by the big company in two different colors. A little while later, Google Milk Beta was released, providing us a better way to get the vitamins and calcium. Finally, just last month, an official Google collaboration was released with Monopoly City Streets, which utilizes Google Maps.

Still, none of those seem as ridiculous as the Gmail Soap bar, well…except for the Google milk. So if anyone knows where we could find such hand soap, we would be happy to use Gmail when washing our hands.

Via: Unplggd