Stylish Powermat Allows Wireless Charging

powermat portable charging station

Sometime back at the CES, we had heard about the Powermat which generated a lot of attention among techno savvy audiences, as the Powermat is a wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone, DS or other such portable gadgets without having to worry about annoying wires…similar to the Wild Charge mat.

Powermat does not support many gadgets but they do support iPods, iPhones, Razr, laptops, portable consoles and gadgets similar to these. Using magnetic induction, the Powermat allows you to lead a wireless lifestyle without a headache. All you would need to do is place the gadget on top of the mat and your device will be charged in almost the same amount of time as it would have been with the help of a normal charger.

The Powermat costs $99.99 and you would also need to purchase a Powermat Receiver sleeve which would cost a further 40. It might not be the cheapest charging option but it certainly is the most chic and stylish charger I have ever come across, and it is also the most convenient as you would not have to deal with wires that get you entangled.

Powermat chargers can be purchased at Best Buy and Target stores. There have been other chargers too, which we wrote about earlier like the Globetrotter Kit which is amazing for mobile gadget charging. The Electronic Charging Station is yet another interesting design to charge multiple gadgets.

PowerMat Via: Engadget