Cool New Ghostbusters Minimate Action Figure Sets

new ghostbusters minimate action figures

Everyone loves the entire Ghostbusters franchise that includes the classic films, the new video games, the animated TV series, the great comedy and now also some cool and new Ghostbusters minimate figures.

The latest addition to the Ghostbusters legacy are these miniature minimate Ghostbusters action figures which are only 2″ tall. They are great new collectibles which are really cute to have around your computer or office desk, providing a little break from the monotone routine. Perhaps you could even rehash some scenes from the previous films with the two sets being released.

cool ghostbusters minimate action figures

The first Ghostbusters Minimate figures set is already out, runs for only $19.99 and includes:

Dr. Peter Venkman
Dr. Egon Spengler (he also has a removable PKE meter)
Dana Barrett (as possessed by Zuul)
Louis Tully (with pieces to turn him into Terror Dog form)

The second Ghostbusters set should be out shortly, and it includes:

Dr. Ray Stantz
Winston Zeddemore
Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

If you are a true Ghostbusters fan, then you may also like the Ghostbusters Ecto Hummer which may perhaps be in the upcoming film, the cute executive Ghostbusters Cufflinks or even the adorable Ghostbusters Characters Piggy Banks.

new ghostbusters action figures