Top 49 Most Influential Men Includes Plenty of Geeks

most influential men 2009

If you ever wondered who are the most influential Men in Technology, Entertainment, Politics and Sports, AskMen has just revealed their annual list of the 49 Most influential Men in those fields for 2009.

Since we deal with Gadgets and Geeks here at Walyou, we were interested to see if the top 49 most influential Men list included any influential Geeks, whether they are in the Technology field, other areas or perhaps in the closet Geeks. It seemed there are plenty of geeks from different fields in this year’s AskMen Top Men list, and here are a few to start,
with some actual personalities we wrote about before.

barack obama superman politics
At the 3rd spot of all 49 Top Men is the current US President Barack Obama. He may not be a complete Geek, but his personality provided plenty of geek designs, toys and action figures…enough for us to mention him many times.

Right after President Obama comes Mark Zuckerberg, which started the website probably 99 out of 100 people know of and visits at least once a day…Facebook that is. At the 4th position, he pretty much put himself at a good chance of making next year’s list.

michael jackson entertainment

Michael Jackson,  may he Rest In Peace, may have just passed away a few months ago, but he is an extremely influential force and has been for many years. Even after his death, he was still voted as a current influential force, and at the 6th position, it means many agreed on it.

steve jobs technology

The charismatic, influential and innovative leader of Apple, Steve Jobs, has easily made the top 49 Influential Men, and it should be of no surprise he made 7th place. I mean, look around you…how many people have an iPhone?

roger federer sports

After finally winning the Roland Garros, which was his 14th Grand Slam title and then going on to win the 15th title at Wimbledon, Roger Federer has further etched his place as one of the most influential Sportsmen, and it seems AskMen’s audience is in total agreement, placing him at the 8th position.

James Cameron may be known as the creator of The Terminator, but he is releasing another hi-tech epic in the form of Avatar and makes the 39th spot as a cool movie Geek.

Another glimpse into the list is Jeff Bezos, the entrepreneur, visionary and creator of Amazon. After all these years, Jeff has received 40th place in the Top 49 Men, and the Amazon Kindle probably has something to do with that.

For the complete list of ALL 49 Most Influential Men, check out AskMen special and amazing section, which includes images, further information, and the reasoning behind the placement.