Air Pressurized Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher

air pressure can crusher

EZ Power Crushers are a dream-come-true to people who find it hard to discard beverage cans and Aluminum cans which can prove to be quite unmanageable unless crushed.

Though most people crush cans with their bare hands, they risk hurting themselves or worse ripping a finger off during the process. When you use the EZ Power Crusher, you can crush cans with little or no effort and it comes with a great all-steel industrial design. It even looks pretty stylish and keeps your hands clean and non-sticky, without you having to come into contact with sharp edges or leftover beverage.


You can save a lot of space in your garbage bag and thus reduce and limit the usage of plastic bags. The EZ Power Crusher is air pressurized and presently designed for shops, farms, bars, vacation homes, frat houses, at home, in the garage, and cabins or just about anywhere else. Soda cans, beer cans, Aluminum beverage cans and 12 oz cans are some of the containers that EZ Power Crushers can easily crush and reduce to a small lump.

The company is even about to complete a prototype for an electric version of the EZ Power Crushers so that they can be easily used within the house as well. We had also written about a similar machine called the Automatic Aluminium Can Crusher which can also be used for the same purpose, but EZ Power Crushers seem far more convenient. The EZ Power Crusher costs $279.99.

EZ Power Crushers