Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Can Now Be Yours

star wars tauntaun sleeping bag design

If you remember the amazing Tauntaun Sleeping bag we saw back in April, you would be happy to know that what was released as just an April Fools Joke was approved by Lucas Film and was made into an official product.

Unlike the Star Wars Tauntaun plush toy, this cool sleeping bag will let Star Wars geeks of all ages to be able and get warm inside the belly of the Tauntaun creatures.

The Sleeping bag is like any regular one but has additional limbs and Tauntaun head to resemble the creature from the Empire Strikes Back. Moreover, the zipper has a mini lightsaber attached, so the jedi could easily open up the belly of the beast.

Any growing Jedi would love to sleep and dream of Galaxies far far away with it, and for $100 at, could make it a reality.

cool star wars tauntaun sleeping bag

Via: Gizmodo