Lego Star Wars Cube Dudes are a Geek’s Lego Dream Come True

boba fett lego star wars characters

How many times we have seen Star Wars and marveled at the magic it creates, and now, we have a whole new series of Lego Cube Dudes of our favorite Star Wars Heroes, crafted entirely out of the colorful Lego Bricks.

The world of Lego keeps opening up new vistas for innovation. It is remarkable, what you can do by piecing together those tiny little pieces that seem to interlock effortlessly into each other. Lego art can hold one’s fascination for hours, and the demanding patience of linking together those puzzle-like pieces to create a wonderful object pays of great dividends in terms of satisfaction.

darth vader lego star wars characters

MacLane who also made the Lego Superheroes has created his own wonderful collection of Cube Dudes that feature the cool star wars figurines. With a superb power of imagination and an artistic bent of mind to see it through, he has really managed to create a revolution in the field of Lego art. The resemblance to star wars characters is uncanny, and the thrill that comes with holding these miniature heroes of the Silver Screen in the palms of your hands is unrivaled.

What can be more creative than creating your own collection of favorite movie superheroes out of small bits of colored plastic? Cube Dude Star Wars are the ultimate in creativity with Lego… so start experimenting with your imagination to create your own Lego Land Revolution.

luke skywalker lego star wars characters

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Artist: MacLane