Entertainment Center DIY from Car Parts

car entertainment center

There are many special incentives and awards for green projects which recycle old used parts of vehicles and electronic gadgets and transform them into something useful. This Modern Entertainment Center designed using parts of old car truly deserves a green award.

car entertainment center diy

Michael DiCanzio’s project is innovative and this entertainment center which seems to be an environmentalist’s delight is extremely trendy too. It almost transforms old garage and old car into a complete modern entertainment den. There is no need to dump your old car in scrap yard or sell it for cheap dirt price. Such project will help you keep your first hard earned car with you forever.

cool car entertainment center

As the pictures show Michael DiCanzio has used body of the car complete with hood and equipped it with modern TV, surround sound with 15” subwoofer, Playstation 2 and even a drawer to organize DVDs.

cool car entertainment center diy

The old garage seem to have changed into mini home theater and car itself an entertainment center. Geek gang of boys and girls will love such dens to start their own film and gaming clubs. There is no clutter of wires and gadgets, everything just fits in to the body of the car and hood gives it a feeling of a den.

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car entertainment center diy project

Via Coroflot