Pacman Bass Guitar Mod

Imagine a bass Pacman guitar with wooden inlay of your favorite video games or cartoons, and Yes, that may be the latest innovation in creative music and video game combo.

pacman bass guitar

With an army of strings that can let you strum any tunes you desire, bass guitars are the penultimate in modern instruments. Who has imagined Instruments with a Gaming theme, and that too, Pacman? But then, witnessing the unthinkable is what gives creative revolution its distinction!

Now you can play the best of gaming tunes on a customized bass guitar by Royafork, with wooden inlay of characters like Pacman and the knobs being also the scary ghosts. Just counting the strings on these guitar would give a true strummer unprecedented thrills!

The guitar is a wooden authentic bass that is customized according to user needs. The extra strings are fitted in, but before that, intricate inlay work in the wood is undertaken, with characters of your choice. This makes the cool guitar funkier, while giving it a greater range with additional strings. This contraption is totally great if you are in a rock band and want to make an original statement.