Adobe CS3 Icons Rubik’s Cube 3D Design

Leslie Montenegro has designed something that would probably be geekiest Rubik’s Cube in the whole world, and it comes complete with a whole set of Adobe CS3 Icons from the popular designer applications that many geeks prefer to use all over the world.

adobe cs3 icons rubik'c cube

The unusual Rubik’s cube contains icons like Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and a few more such cool Adobe Creative Suite programs that make our life much more easier and fun. The unique cube is all about how good you are in using these applications and making good communication between the various programs, one wrong step and you will be spending the next couple of hours trying to rectify the mistake, much like solving a Rubik’s cube.

A recent study made by the Oxford university reveals that people who indulge in activities like solving the Rubik’s Cube tend to become smarter than the rest in a matter of few weeks, and that is precisely the reason why we are paying so much attention and going through all the pain to bring to you the best of all the Rubik’s Cube Gadgets such as the Glass Cube, just so that we do our part in making the world a much more Brighter place, so keep those Grey Cells multiplying!.