What is the Mystery Google Search Engine?

mystery google logo

Many are probably asking What is Mystery Google but may not really find it a tool that is worth trying and playing around with unless you are interested in other search queries and results of other Internet users.

Mystery Google is a funny tool the recently surfaced which is hidden behind the Google search engine and provides exactly what you are NOT looking for at the moment. What this means is that as you enter a search query into the search bar of Mystery Google, you receive search results for a different query that was made just before you.

For many, Mystery Google may seem like a complete waste of time, for it doesn’t provide you what you are looking for….as Google usually aims to. On the other hand, a few may actually find Mystery Google a fun tool in order to inquire about other’s searches, find new sites and even dive into a knowledge base you may not have known you were interested in.

Whoever came up with Google Mystery is a mystery in itself and the actual motives still remain unknown.

To try it out and see what utility it delivers to you, check out Mystery Google official site.