Portable NES Cartridge Console Mod: NES Gamer Heaven Was Found

portable nes mod

This is one of the most awesome Portable NES Mods I have ever seen, for it is a portable NES that is built within a Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridge with a mini screen and hours of portable fun.

nes game cartridge mod

Created by modding guru Ben Heck, this is a portable NES like we have never seen. It provides a functional NES console that doesn’t only grant the actual gaming utility but provides some extra retro fun by being built inside NES Cartridge of the Super Mario and Duck Hunt combo game.

nes handheld mod

As mentioned, this NES Mod combines the following in a super mod:  NES MP3 Player, FM Radio, 2.8 inch LCD screen, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, audio recorder, picture viewer, 4GB internal memory and also an expansion slot for more fun. In addition, there is a TV Out, so you could plug the NES cartridge mod into your TV whenever you wish.

The entire Nintendo mod is really something spectacular, for it is a complete system that looks extremely cool. Besides the images provided, you can check the cool video of it in action to get a little more hyped about such a product.

Via: Geekologie