Safe and Cozy Egoor Pacman iPhone and iPod Pouch

pacman iphone pouch

Pacman fans and geeks who cannot live without their iPhone and iPod for a single moment and want to keep their favorite gadget safe and protected will simply love this Cozy Egoor iPhone iPod Pouch featuring their favorite Pacman on the front and back.

new pacman iphone pouch

The more sophisticated a gadget the more safely it needs to be handled and kept away when not in use. Egoor iPhone iPod pouches are entirely handmade and are thick enough to protect the gadgets inside. The material of the pouch serves the purpose of cleaning the gadget too since it absorbs dust, wipes the screen without smudging it. Moreover, it is so thick that even if pouch slips or falls from the hand the gadget inside will not get a single scratch.

cool pacman iphone pouch

The geek world is full of gadgets and shiny leather cases to keep them but this handmade crafty pouch will be a better cozy home for your best accomplices – the gadgets, which not only stay with you 24X7 but also connect you to the world and entertain you.

pacman ipod pouch

Egoor iPhone iPod cases and pouches are 12.5 cm by 8 cm in size and a single pouch which costs $15.00 can ordered from Etsy. These Pacman cases are so cute that geeks can easily give them as token gifts to near and dear ones who’ll always remember fondly while slipping in and out their favorite iPod and iPhones. Here are a couple of other interesting iPhone and iPod cases for geeks– Cool iPhone and iPod Touch Sleeves and Wall-E Felt iPhone Case.

new pacman ipod pouch