Captain America Hoodie is a Lifetime Costume

captain american costume hoodie

It isn’t every day that you can dress up in a Captain America Costume that is not just for Halloween, but now the day has arrived with this amazing hoodie and you can be an amazing Superhero every day of the year…as long as it is cold.

cool captain america costume hoodie

The Captain America Hoodie is not just a Halloween costume, for it is a sweatshirt that is too awesome to wear just once a year. With the Captain American colors, design and uniform replica, this hoodie could mean you could dress up even when off duty.

fun captain america costume hoodie

It is a designer hoodie that is cool enough to wear even when you are just cold or looking or something to throw over yourself…just live the Captain America head mask down. But when you are ready to battle evil and take charge, just slip the hoodie over your head and voila…Captain America is here to battle the forces of evil.

This is an amazing clothing alternatives for those looking for a cool Halloween costume or comic book fans that are looking to show their strengths in the fashion world. Either way, it runs for $60 and comes in a variety of sizes and no super strength power included.

cool captain america costume

Product Via: GadgetHim