Skateboard Computer Keyboard brings Out the Skater in Geeks

skateboard computer keyboard

Skateboards have been the single most important symbol of pop culture that is rooted in youth, health and preference for sunny climates; however, with the growing geekish lifestyle, the days of sun, fun and skateboarding seem to have been replaced with long hours in front of the laptop or the desktop. Thus, the keyboard has almost replaced the skateboard in a figurative sense. Thus, artist Tobias Leingruber has created the Skateyboard, which is a skateboard that looks like the computer keyboard, in fact with all the keys.

I am not really sure if one can actually balance on this and I am not aware if this piece of artwork has hidden ports to which you can connect to the PC. Either way, it seems like a keyboard that you can’t use, and a skateboard that you can’t ride on. However, it certainly underlines the importance of fun and frolic in an otherwise dreary lifestyle that we have come to live.

Perhaps the Skateyboard would encourage all the geeks out there to get off their bottoms and start rolling on the boards, while enjoying sun, adrenalin pump and excitement. You could also take a look at Jud Turner’s Tribute to the Fallen Skater, which is also an artistic representation of how skating has slowly started to fade away from popular culture, and how it needs to be brought back in a big way!

Via: Make