Awesome Transformers Chess Set Game

new transformers chess game

Transformers fans who are interested in a challenging game of Chess would be happy to hear about the new Transformers Chess set that was introduced.

Unlike the fictional Mac Vs PC Chess, this is a true Chessboard that comes out with all the continuing Transformers hype of the two movies, a third perhaps on the way, and in addition to all the newest Transformers toys released already.

The Transformers Chess Set includes 32 pieces and allows you to have a battle of Chess representing the Do gooders Autobots with Optimus Prime as leader or take the Evil route with Megatorn and the Decepticons. Whichever you choose, you must know what ccharacters are on your side:
Autobot characters include Ironhide, Jazz, Bumblebee Transformer and Ratchet
Decepticon pieces include Starscream, Blackout, and Bonecrusher

The pieces are not made of real pewter, and you would have figured it out already by seeing the inexpensive price tag of only $20.99, but it would still be a great gift idea for Transformers geeks across the globe.

If you got your hand on this Transformers Chess set…which side would you fight for? The Autobots or Decepticons?

transformers chess set

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  5. Richard.

    Looks like another very intesting chess set. However I am struggling to see how (apart from the size) I would distinguish each piece (althought the pawns looks very obvious). I am guessing this is more for display than serious chess games?


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