10/GUI Concept Video Reveals the Future of Computing

10 GUi hand strain

If one were to ponder upon the achievements of mankind in the latter part of 20th century, it definitely has to be the computer which takes the icing on the cake. Even the computer received the much needed boost when the mouse came into existence and made use of spatial abilities for navigation.

10 GUi touchscreen ideal

Thus, Windows, Mouse and the computer changed human lives for good but we can’t remain satisfied with just that and now the stress is on touchscreen technology and doing away with unnecessary gadgets which may include the mouse as well. 10/GUI concept by R. Clayton Miller is all about discussing where this would lead to in the near future.

The 10/GUI video below suggests that though computers are going to remain the mainstay of modern human culture, we would need to change the way we use it. The touchscreen enabled computes of today put pressure on the forearms and even if the monitor is placed horizontally on the table, it would put pressure on the neck leading to deformities and repetitive stress injuries.

10 GUi touchscreen continuum

Using a mouse is always healthy and comfortable and thus bringing the touchscreen technology to the mouse instead of the monitor seems to be the principle of 10/GUI. Even the keyboard could be touchscreen enabled and have similar functions as the mouse, and thus help the user maintain a correct posture and help the user to navigate easily.

Dubbed the continuum desktop, it solves many issues faced while using multiple windows. You could adjust various windows and view them as thumbnails all at once, or use them simultaneously using all your fingers, in continuum.

10 GUi touchscreen continuum thumbnail

10/GUI concept video below questions our beliefs about existing interaction bandwidth, interfaces that we assume are irreplaceable, and new ideas that may seem unconventional. It shows how fingers and hands can be used to navigate through the Internet, and also to perform functions which was earlier assumed not possible.

10 GUi touchscreen ideal thumbnails

If the 10/GUI concept becomes a reality, all we may need is a touchpad and a multi touch enabled mouse to perform actions that are complicated, and also reduce stress on our muscles. Thus, the 10/GUI concept solves the common software and hardware problems faced and puts the new touchscreen concepts into practice as with the Rolltop Laptop Concept or the newly released Apple Magic Mouse.

Thanks to Nitay for the tip!