Get EvilTron Prank Gadget for Some Real Eerie and Scary Fun

prank gadget evil tron

There are various ways to spice up get-togethers and parties, as one can play good music or arrange some fun games, but if you are hooked on to horror and ghost tales then this EvilTron prank gadget will add right kind of eerie and scary fun. Especially if you have gone camping with friends this dime sized EvilTron and its scary sound waves will give more thrill and a feel of horror adventure.

This small EvilTron is designed by ThinkGeek Mindlabs™ and the eerie sound waves will really shock even the strongest of minds and provoke interesting reactions. Human beings react uniquely when faced with immediate unknown, unseen danger. The five sound features are unsettling creaking, unidentifiable scratching sound, gasping last breath, sinister child laughing and eerie whispering of “hey, can you hear me?’ and the last sixth mode is a random play. Best feature is the small deceptive size which makes it very easy to hide EvilTron away but extremely difficult to locate.

The ThinkGeek Eviltron costs only $9.99 and it includes battery and embedded Rare-earth magnet for hiding it away. Geeks will surely order one right away to unleash devilish evil powers on friends, foes, co-workers or annoying neighbors. Do take a look at equally scary Horror Movies Pumpkin Carvings and Skull Pinhole Camera, you can take these along with EvilTron and make it all really eerie and scary.

evil tron prank gadget