Tetris Dress Makes Geeks Sexy

tetris dress

Geeks can look sexy as well, and while this Tetris Dress is not too revealing, it could still be considered Sexy Geek Clothing that many would turn their heads for a second look.

Created by Erin from A Dress a Day, this is a cool dress that Geek girls would be so proud of. If they are already dragged away of their computer screen and have to show their face in the public, then why not show it while wearing a simple, yet geeky Tetris Dress at the same time.

new tetris dress

If you really want to go all out and make a complete Tetris fashion statement, then you could also go for the Tetris Haircut along with the Tetris Bracelet.

If these Tetris designs and wearing the dress doesn’t get you in the mood for a good Tetris game…then nothing would.

cool tetris dress

Via: Geekologie

4 thoughts on “Tetris Dress Makes Geeks Sexy

  1. Kara.

    Hi! Is there anyway that I can send my measurements and get one made? I would pay for materials, labour and delivery. (I live in Australia). Please let me know.

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