Driving Reporter Gadget Updates You With Your Driving Data

Long drives are fun if you are not getting lost, so came the wonderful invention of the GPS, but what if you have a hangover and want to remember where you had been in your car last night? For that came the invention of the Driving Reporter Gadget: an in-car 16 channel GPS device that records and stores all the data and activities that have happened in your car for about a 100 hrs.

driving reporter gadget

You can call it your car’s very own internal Black Box and unlike in the aircraft, this device is actually Black in color. This device is capable of providing detailed reports on the places, routes and the speeds at which we traveled. The device can be installed in your car internally or externally as it comes with an attached magnet (specially for espionage).

Once the device is removed from the car one can connect it to their computers via USB and receive a detailed report of the whole drive, right from time and date to the speeds of traveling, all with the help of the bundled up software provided with the device itself. It has a durable water resistant frame and runs on 2 AAA Lithium Batteries, also the data can be viewed using the help of Google Earth with a simple sync function in the provided software.

driving reporter gps gadget

Selling for $229.95, it could be the perfect spy gadget for suspecting parents or anyone who enjoys spying around like James Bond.