The Pirate Computer Keyboard Is Bizarre!

pirate computer keyboard

We are not sure what this bloke refers to as ergonomics, but the Pirate Computer Keyboard is certainly as bizarre as those one-eyed, patched up, seafaring gentlemen known as Pirates. Looks like the designer, Bobby Baker, has little faith in the technological skills of a pirate, owing to the minimalistic approach adopted in the keyboard! There are a total of six keys, the most essential ones. And then, suddenly it dawned…a pirate cannot read, can he? Teach him the essentials of ‘navigation’ with the help of the ‘space’, the ‘enter’, the ‘shift’, etc., and your job is half done. The keyboard then has hit its bull’s eye.

The Pirate Keyboard has no alphabet keys, except for an ‘R’, which we believe could stand for ‘rescue’. And then, you have a peculiar key placed away from the rest of the keys.  The ‘avast’ could perhaps mean a virus attack at sea (?). Well, we leave all the guesswork to you. For now, we say there is a quirkiness to this design that we find endearing. From a functional perspective, well, there ain’t no pirate smoothing his claws on plastic.

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