The PS3 Coffee Table Will Surely Find a Place in Geek Home!

new ps3 controller table design

Who else but only a geek (and a gaming fan for that matter) would find this Coffee Table whose base resembles a PS3 console fascinating, as the modern world is becoming completely geeky with many a designers coming up with designs and concepts inspired by retro and modern games.

ps3 coffe table

ps3 table design

Maybe designers are going along with the taste and demand of the changing times. Stephane Perruchon has designed extremely elegant looking PS3 Coffee Table which is complete with control buttons. But don’t you think after spending hours on gaming session it would hardly be relaxing to have a cup of coffee on a table that resembles gaming console?

ps3 coffee table design

While we would expect gamers and geeks would seek to shut out geek world of consoles and controls for a while during the day but it seems contrary –  gamers and geeks seek virtual world as the best refuge. They want to recreate virtual world inside their real homes. Geeks may want to have a look at PSP inspired Pillows Design or have Pacman Light Caps at home.

ps3 controller coffee table design

Via BornRich