A Tetris Cake with an Overdose of Colorful Blocks!

new tetris game cake

I am sure people who come up with Tetris goodies are the ones who have obsessively made love to that game and feel a tribute to it is long overdue. While some did their deed in the form of wacky designs and concepts, but foodies nailed it with a Cake. The big Tetris Cake here has neat blocks from the game iced with lively colors and perfection.

I wonder why a small food prop in black was placed by Bea&texm into one of the recess between the blocks. The presence of waiters suggests that this could have been custom-made for an occasion and to feast someone who goes gaga over one of world’s most cherished retro game. Well, so many colors make me a little weary and don’t think it would be edible. I am not a good cook but yet believe that only if the flavors or the choice of colors could have been brought down to just vanilla and chocolate, its sight alone would have left many drooling.

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Via: GadgetHer