Gamer Love : 8 bit Wedding Invitation

8 bit wedding invitation

Relationships require some spark to keep the love going. so why not have it going from the very get-go with this 8 bit wedding invitation that is not only unique, but it is also very cute for those who share the same interest.

The cover of the card features the groom proclaiming his love to the bride in Binary Code, which is very geeky but as i said earlier very unique too.

Set outside on luscious green grass , which has that old time classic look of being blocky owing to the 8 bit texture, it brings back memories of games like Dangerous Dave and its likes.

When you open the card you will come across the one line that Arcade gamers have seen a lot and probably have it burn into their eyes.
“Insert Coin”. Nostalgia anyone?

Then the main contents hit you. The Bride Versus Groom theme is a humorous way to put the small arguments that couples have but it is cute nonetheless.

The body of the card has all the details of the invitation and the font throughout is the same as the one we used to get in arcade games.

All in all the theme of this retro-gaming-themed invite is very touching indeed. I just wonder if it makes those adorable Beep-Beep-Boop sounds too.

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Via : 9GAG