Star Wars Yoda Backlit Coffee Table is First of its kind!

star wars coffee table

Yoda, the Jedi Master, died after 900 years in the sixth sequel, but is reminisced by Star Wars Fans over decades with a growing fanbase, toys and tributes.  Design buffs have honored their obsession by bringing the delight of Yoda character to Food art, game accessories and even in the form of cute dolls. This time an aficionado got heads turning with something unconventional and not heard before, a Star Wars Backlit Coffee Table.

star wars yoda coffee table

Being First of its kind, this conversation piece offers space for individuals to talk at length over a cup of coffee. The backlit image of Yoda wielding his lightsaber is what makes an otherwise normal table into something to die for. A custom-cut 10mm glass is put atop, so accidentally spilling coffee should not pull up worrisome lines.

yoda star wars coffee table

There is a white cable that will provide energy from the mains, thereby bringing the most cherished character of Star Wars to life.  There is just one unit, so does not come with a pre-determined price tag. The maker has put it for bidding on eBay but suggests he should be contacted to confirm for delivery charges for different destinations.

yoda coffee table

So the odds of every Star Wars enthusiast fetching this one are rather bleak, but don’t let your enthusiasm frizzle out. We have earlier featured a host of creations graced by Star Wars characters like cute Star Wars Kokeshi Dolls, Cuddly and Geeky Star Wars Golf Covers and the Yoda Cake, all of which, when owned, can garner a lot of attention for you.

Via UniqueDaily