Talking Robot Alarm Clock Awaits Your Nose Press

talking robot alarm clock kim

Some new designers have decided that pressing the nose of a Robot to tell the time is more fun than simply seeing the time displayed, so Kim the Talking Robot was created for that purpose only, and Kim seems fairly happy with that.

Unlike the Perfect Woman Robot, Kim the Robot is not meant to look like a real woman or sound like a woman, but she does provide its practical and funny utlity…she audibly tells you the time once you press her nose.

robot alarm clock kim

Besides the practical part, Kim is a round faced Robot with a cool copper streak of hair wrapped around her head with little cute curls at its ends. She always provides you a half smile, as if she knows something you don’t, but she does…the current time. Powered by only three AAA batteries which are included, Kim also provides an alarm clock with beeps or crows.

A cute Christmas gift idea for the Geeks who need an additional companion, Kim runs for only $49.99 and could be a techy soul to talk to.

kim talking robot alarm clock