OutRun Arcade Car Mod: Cabinet On Wheels

OutRun Arcade Car

When Garnet Hertz saw an ‘OutRun’ arcade games cabinet sitting motionless, he decided it was high time it got a life, and bingo…the cabinet transformed into a mini-car. Well, he certainly didn’t have to work hard on the design, for the chassis was already in place. All that Garnet needed to do was fit three wheels and the cabinet was ‘up and running’. Of course, the motors and other equipment had to be added to pump life into OutRun.

The designer, who studies at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, also incorporated some cool features into his car design. The screen renders real life data with the help of GPS sensors, sourced from an iPhone and powered by custom software. The final ‘map’ will tell you what’s happening around, just like in an arcade game. We find that pretty interesting. The OutRun tricycle also has the distinction of becoming a third generation Ferrari Testarossa, since the cabinet was by itself inspired from the car design. Now, that’s what we call a ‘cycle of life’.  A note of caution, though, from the designer! Do not take your car out on the roads, for it is custom built only for a controlled environment and not for unpredictable scenarios. Although it sounds like a dampener, we will settle for something rather than nothing!

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