Amazing Mona Lisa Painting Made with 3604 Cups of Coffee

mona lisa drawing coffee cups

The Mona Lisa is definitely one of the most popular paintings ever done, and for quite a while, many different Mona Lisa remakes have been created, such as this fairly new one; it is a huge creation of the Da Vinci painting which was made with 3,604 coffee cups.

mona lisa painting coffee cups

Seen at the Aroma Festival at the Rocks in Sydney earlier this year, this Coffee Mona Lisa is remarkable for its look and also the creative effort put forth. As one can easily see, the 3604 cups are not all the same shades of coffee, and of course they couldn’t be to create a painting with 2 or more colors. Still, it isn’t just 2 shades either, for it gets into the nitty gritty and mixes a different combination around…black coffee, light coffee, some latte, milk only, and whatever combos that were required. The end result is pretty extraordinary and could really be seen as an artform in itself, even if it recreates the infamous masterpiece of Leonardo.

coffee cup mona lisa art

I definitely take my hat off for the planning that this must have deserved: to analyze the different shades required exactly and their placement. Overall, a great remake of Mona Lisa but in the modern, coffee drinking world of today. Next we would need to see a remake of the Sistine Chapel with coffee.

mona lisa art coffee cups

Thanks a lot Alex for the images and info!