Paper Nike Shoes are Beautiful Yet Fragile

paper nike shoes

Shoes have become a fashion item that is not just for Women, for there are different designs and creations that are too cool to resist, as we can totally tell with these amazing Paper Nike Shoes that are beautiful yet fragile.

blue nike shoe papercraft

paper nike shoes design

The cool Nike Shoe designs here are made completely out of colored paper and show another look for shoe design that we haven’t seen since the cool Transformers Nike Shoes. The thing about these is that they are really cool for display and show wondeful paper craftsmanship, but they cannot be used to play hoops or other actual activities.

nike shoes papercraft design

paper nike shoe design

They were created by artist David Brownings and really display a creative mind that combines imagination and papercraft. There are many different shoe designs to choose from, and he also mentions some are available for sale through his site.

blue nike shoe from paper

papercraft nike shoes

For other amazing and odd shoe designs, check out the Hamburger Shoe and the awesome Computer Keyboard Sneaker.

cool nike shoes design papercraft

Via: DesignsYouTrust