Fist Sledgehammer: Literal Manifestation Of ‘Iron Fist’

Fist Sledgehammer

Well, who would have thought of a literal manifestation of the ‘iron fist’, until the design firm Martus & Silvio showed us how, through this Fist Sledgehammer sculpture. As most of you already are, we were bowled over by this simple, yet ingenious translation of the popular phrase.

The sledgehammer design has two fists, symmetrically located on both ends of the hammer, and the ensuing action would certainly give us an emotional high. Literally, pounding your iron fist on a hard surface, without breaking your knuckles or badly damaging your fingers! Now, that sounds like a confidence booster idea.

The design is part of the ‘Early Tools’ portfolio of Martus & Silvio, and we have reason to believe there are more such eclectic, mind-boggling designs, such as the Hand Wrench. Now, all we need to do is approach them and dig up their ‘how to’ manual. Hush, we are trying our best to gain an entry into the ‘best designers’ contest and ingenuity is at short supply, so we are settling for ‘inspiration’.  The Fist Sledgehammer is certainly one of the most intelligent designs we have come across recently.

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Via: Make