Apple iTouch Widescreen ARC2010 is A Heartstopper

Widescreen Apple iTouch
It takes an extremely cynical perspective to keep your jaws closed (and not letting them drop) while catching a glimpse of this ‘out of the box’ iPhone design – the iPhone Wide Screen ARC2010. We have seen rehashes and we have seen improvements to this now ubiquitous product, but none like this one. It certainly leaves one hoping for a quick market release, so that we can dig into the shelves and flaunt our new palm candy. We can’t help expressing admiration for this awe-inspiring product designed by Antonio Rojano.

Evident from the pictures, this is a widescreen version of the iconic Apple touchscreen iPhone. The dimensions are wider, allowing you to use it as a mini-notepad. The only disadvantage is perhaps the fact that you can’t fold it and slide it into your pocket, like its predecessor. However, as far as we see, there are no conspicuous flaws in the design or the idea, especially since a stretched out QWERTY keyboard is always more appealing when the device is wide. From what we gather from the images, there is a ‘portrait’ mode too. We also notice the seamless fold, making sure there are no eyesores when you are rolling your eyeballs from the left to the right, top to bottom or vice versa. A lot of thought has gone into the design, we agree!

iPhone Wide Screen ARC2010

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Apple iTouch Widescreen ARC2010