iPhone 3G Paper Model Could Be Yours

paper iphone 3g 16gb white

The iPhone 3G may be the most popular cellphone yet, but not everyone could get their hands on one, so here is a cheap solution by a cool papercraft model of the White 16GB version.

This cool paper model of the iPhone 3G may not be the newest version since the iPhone 3GS came out, but it is still a fairly good representation of your love for the Apple cellphone. Moroever, it will be the cheapest way for you to get your hands on one (or closest to it) and you really shouldn’t worry if it is stolen, broken, bricks or any other perils iPhone owners worry about.

The Paper iPhone 3G already comes with tabs included, so the assembly of this iPhone requires no major hacking skills. In order to get the right size to print, check out PerfectPixel for the right image size.

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