Tetris Lamp Is A Glowing Tribute To The Blocks Game

tetris lamp design

Your favorite blocks game is now available in a colorful, glowing avatar, thanks to Aubrey Kraft and her dexterous effort that led to the creation of the Tetris Lamp. A shape-shifting (of course!) twinkling lamp, the Tetris desktop item can add life to a mundane ambiance. We have taken a special liking for the understated technique behind the little bulbs blinking at random and giving the lamp an angelic appearance. You can, while trying your best to beat your neighbor’s high score, build your own assortment of lamp shapes or leave the empty mind to come up with an abstract shape, which will still end up looking like a designer’s masterpiece.

cool tetris game lamp

The Tetris Lamp is a glowing (pun intended!) tribute to one of the most addictive games in the world. For those who have doted on this timeless concept, the Tetris lamp adorning their desktop will be the next best thing to discovering a pot of gold in their backyard. Well, we certainly do not want to go overboard with our praise, so we will let you give your own opinion.

tetris game lamp

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new tetris game lamp