Luxurious Wooden Chess Set with Wobbly Pieces

luxury chess set pieces

If I was to speak of a plush Chess Set, what exactly would run through your mind: Crystal horses, a Queen donning rubies or a shiny Gold crowned King? Well, the Unique Chess from retailers of Luxury stuff and has a different opinion on the idea of class apart Luxury. They came up with the idea of concave spaces on the board and chess pieces that can wobble.

luxury chess set wobbly pieces

I don’t know if this is what someone would call end result of brainstorming, but the rounded chrome bottoms on the chess pieces ensure that never fall. I wonder how many would be game to spare $250 for this chess set. The pawns there look more like bowling pins more than what they actually are.

weird luxury chess set

Well, like me, if you still haven’t scored on a buying point, the fact that it’s made up of chic walnut and maple wood might just make you change your mind. For more decorated versions of this brain-churning game, check out the Muppet Chessboard Set, the Transformers Chess Set and the concept of Mac Vs PC Chessboard.