Lego My Apple is a Cute MacBook Decal Design

Lego my Apple design

Lego My Apple is one hell of a MacBook Decal Design from MacSlaps that breaks the monotony of products hooked to the “i” syndrome. It has an image of a cute Lego filled up with kid-wonder cupping one end of the Apple Logo with his palm. Unlike other products from the Apple fan club, this notebook skin boasts of compelling creativity offered in the simplest way. For those who wish to wear the crown of a geek but yet want to keep it stylish and unconventional, this is will be a prudent choice.

lego figure macbook cover design

It can dress up MacBooks in sizes of 13, 15 and 17 and is available for just $14 at Etsy.  So even though you suffered a complete rip off when you bought a Mac, keeping up with your cool quotient with this decal design will not repeat history. If you’re on a hunt for stuff that is whacky but yet pays a tribute to the fan following of Apple, check out the Steve Job Bowling Pin Art, Apple Power Mac G4 Motorbike Mod and the Apple Magic Mouse.

Via: GeekyGadgets Via: iPhone Savior