Shimering Skimming Golden Stones Design

If you ever wondered what the Leprechauns did with all their gold, you may be happy to hear they may have used it to goldplate one of these stones so the overly richfolk among us could go and try to skim them over the water. This is no joke, these are real skimming stone coated with real gold.

gold stones 1

These ‘Luxury’ skimming stones by Dominc Wilcox come covered with 24ct gold leaf, which to me raises many questions: firstly, why would someone want to cover a stone with gold, and secondly why would you then go and throw it away? But maybe this may interest some stone skimming fanatic.

To add to the luxurious feel of the stones they come with their own custom made lather pouches, which just made me think of another question why get a custom leather pouch for something you are anyway going to throw away?

These stones are handpicked by Dominic Wilcox who for those who haven’t heard of him is a famous designer called an ‘ideas’ man. Even though the price of these skimming stones is not mentioned to most people it should be overpriced except for those crazed skimming fans. All in all these things are worth a buy only if you are ‘Really” into the sport.

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golden stones