Ultimate Chat Machine Is Next Best Thing In Digital Communication

ultimate chat machine concept

The ‘Ultimate Chat Machine’, abbreviated as UCM, could be the most definitive device in the world of digital communication, as evident from these teaser images. Still relegated to the drawing board and content with ooh’s and aah’s from a global audience, the UCM is what you have always dreamed for in a chat machine – a video screen incorporated in a not-so-heavily dimensioned gadget, one that you can carry around without tripping on wires or giving yourself a sore shoulder. At 110x90x18 mm, this is as compact as it gets. Most importantly, there has been no step-motherly treatment meted out to the aesthetics department, as Jinwoo Han has made sure the UCM scores high on appearance too.

ultimate chat machine design

The UCM has a slide-flip 2.2 inch screen that can be swept back during storage. When you flip it open, the QWERTY keyboard is visible alongside the screen, giving your fingers complete freedom. There are Quick Launch buttons for the IM application, and switching the device on/off is done through a Hardware controller.  There is a microSD card slot that helps you store your chats; additional features include Function Instant Messaging, Secondary Voice, SMS, MMS, Email and HTML browser compatibility.  For those on the move, the Voice Memo, Media Player, and the File Manager are great utility features. Wireless connectivity is also offered through WLAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  At 220g, you have a winner here. We hope the design materializes soon!

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Ultimate Chat Machine UCM