A New Throne for Gaming Geeks: the Gamedock

gamedock 1

The GameDock designed by Richard Nield is a new throne for gaming geeks. It is an all in one package of what gamers really want, and that is complete freedom…freedom from wires, from sitting in one place to play all day long, from not being able to move as quickly as they want to, which definitely destroys the fun of the game.

gamedock 2

The GameDock deceptively looks like a cool modern study table, or an equipment that helps you stay fit…but it is in fact the mother of all devices, that allows you to get on board with all possible gaming devices fully loaded, at the same time.

The GameDock is a wireless base, which can be connected to several different gaming devices such as keyboards, mouse and the like. It has a locking mechanism which can be docked into any gaming input device of your choice. Since the GameDock is about giving gamers the ultimate edge in technology and freedom, it is completely adjustable and compatible with all devices.

Take a look at some more pictures and you will definitely be convinced. And if you are looking at more gaming devices, then you should take a look at the gamer phone design and the gameframe digital board game.

gamedock 3

gamedock 5

gamedock 4